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Picture and Story Frames Plans Set

The low hanging fruit of woodworking gifts

The story frame.

Story Frame

Have you ever noticed how the events in our lives tend to generate a lot of pictures? Just think about how many pictures get taken for weddings, graduations, vacations, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and even just a birthday.

Do you want all these images off in an envelope in the bottom of some drawer or out where you can see them?

So the idea behind a story frame is to allow for the immediate display of key images and access to the other images for a given event.

The Photo Farris Wheel.

Photo Farris Wheel

This idea was born from the images I had taken of my youngest son and his oldest daughter on a wonderful late summer day at Locket Meadow, near Flagstaff. It was one of those magical days where almost every picture I took of them turned out to be awesome and no one picture really jumped out head and shoulders above the others. I liked almost all of them.

This device is what I came up with to display a lot of images at one time. The fames allow for an image on each side thus it can display 16 images.

Picture and Story Frames book

This plans booklet covers very basic information about setting up your equipment and how to make basic half lap and strong miter joint picture frames.

That information gets used to build the story frame and the Photo Farris Wheel. And there are some other ideas for helping your creative side find new ways to both store and display all those wonderful moments you live with those great people in your life.

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