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Treasure Chest and Jewelry Box Plans book.

Treasure chest and jewelry box plans cover

A few years back I couldn't quite figure out what to get the granddaughters for Christmas so I started fooling around with jewelry box ideas. They just loved them and spent hours playing 'dress up' in front of them.

Then a year or two later I thought wouldn't it be cool if they had a matching treasure chest to go with them? Thus was born these designs.

Both designs shown are included in this very detailed 24 page plans booklet.

Jewelry box plans

Jewlery box features image

Now I know you can do what I did and figure out some designs for yourself but I can pretty much guarantee you, even if your time is only worth 50 cents and hour to you, these plans will be a great investment not to mention a whole lot quicker!

I know the ladies in your life will love the jewelry boxes and the boys will find many a treasure for their chest!

Most importantly, you are going to have a lot of fun building them.

Standard Features shown

Plan options not shown also include

Shouldn't this be the year you start making those gifts? Take our plans and couple them with your know how and we'll show you a couple little tricks that will save you hours. Then Presto! - the hard part begins - you have to wrap all those presents. ( Sorry can't help you with that one. ;-)

We know you would rather be out in your wood shop with the sound of a router bitting into a piece of stock than in the shopping mall shopping feeling like a salmon swimming up stream.

They will love them!

Treasure chest plans

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Get plans for both boxes as a
printed book for $14.95
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Get plans for both boxes as an immediate

PDF Download - $9.95