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The Trophy Shelf

Trophy shelf


This was actually a request from my daughter in law. It seems one of my grand daughters was amassing trophies mostly for her various soccer efforts and had no good place to keep or display them.

Here is the basic design I came up with and built. Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities with something of this nature. There is a world of room to add style and character to this design.

Hope you have fun with it!


The Name Plaque

The hobby box in it's stored state.


For the younger kids.

When all the grandkids kids were pretty young, I made them each a name plate with an emblematic symbol that portray their prime interest.

It's good to help kids define who they are. How else are they going to know.


The Planner Holder

The hobby box in it's stored state.


Here is something that acts like one of those big calendar pads. ( It puts the whole month at your finger tips so you can write on it. ) But with this one it can be removed from the holder and take it with you. It was designed for our spiral bound camping calendar/planner.


Free PDF Download


Hobby box book

Here are our free download for these ideas. It's just a simple PDF at the moment but maybe someday it will grow up into a booklet? ;)

Click the image to get it.