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The Craft and Hobby Box

It's both a portable storage device and a desk or table for hobby work space.

The hobby box in the setup state.

Sets up in literally seconds!

Here is a woodworking gift for the craft and hobby oriented people on your list. It could be a sewing box for grandma, a flight box for remote control enthusiasts, a tailgating box for the football fan, a toy box for the kids, a stash for the stamp, coin or baseball card collector, a portable desk for the volunteer, a chuck box for the car camper, a craft storage and work center for mom, a work station for you and any number of other things.

My grandsons use theirs as a Lego storage and play station. They love it!



It will fit in the trunk of your
car or the corner of your closet.

The hobby box in it's stored state.

Stores like this
the box is 21 x 16 x 15
the extension leaf is 32 x 14 x 2

Imagine having a well defined place to keep all those little dinky items associate with your favorite hobby or craft. Then when you need them access only seconds away. Transporting from one location to another is a snap so it's actually portable storage and portable desk in one unit.

Storage is achieved with readily available plastic containers and/or drawers and shelves you build from the plans. It's very adjustable and easily configured to a whole array of possibilities. It is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of portable storage.



Hobby box book

This provides a flat, sturdy work surface that is at table height so one can sit down as they work and still have easy access to the various devices and items stored within the craft and hobby box.

This is a 30 page book chucked full of step by step instructions, detailed plans and optional ideas to help you embrace the full potential of your woodworking creativity.

PDF Download - $14.95