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Woodworkers - Make the gifts you give!

Make and give heirlooms!

Woodworking plans and patterns for gifts.

Okay woodworkers, why don't we make the gifts we give to our loved ones?

- Our time is limited

- Need a lot of gifts

- Don't always have the right tools

You may not realize it, but you may have just solved those problems!

Hobby Box -  setup
The Hobby Box

What we have here are inexpensive plans for nice, unique woodworking projects you can build quickly with minimum equipment. And, if you plan it right, you can build more than one gift at a time which will get you more than one gift at the same time.

These ideas lend themselves to mass production, so to speak. Got a bunch of grandsons? Make them each a treasure chess. Granddaughters? They will all love jewelry boxes.


Photo Farris Wheel
Picture and Story Frames

This Plans set is new!

Pictures offer the best opportunity I know to get a lot of woodworking gifts made quickly.

Everybody needs a cool way to display and store pictures. This plans set shows you how to make very simple picture frames and more elaborate devices like the Photo Farris Wheel shown here.

If you need something quick, easy, inexpensive and personable here is the plans set for you.

Picture frames - Part One - The Story


Get all three Plans sets together!

Here's a great package deal. All
three plans sets in one PDF book.

PDF Download - $19.95




Printed Spiral bound - $36.90


The key here is that our plans are based on 1/4" stock so no planing and very little sanding are required. Incidentally 1/4" stock is readily available in oak, birch, maple and mahogany veneer plywoods and, my favorite, solid aromatic cedar.

You see once you set that saw blade it's just about as easy to make five cuts as one. To that end we provide cutting list and cutout drawings. Together they provide the needed information (even step by step cutting instructions in some cases) so you can quickly cut everything to size with minimum wasted material.

However, the real time saving secret is in the gluing. So the first thing we do is show you how to make 'The glue jig'. This little device is how you get mitered 1/4" stock to glue together squarely and quickly and how you glue more than one part at the same time.

Our plans

Blue Sky Kitchen chuck box plans books

Camp Kitchen Boxes
all our plans are: plans include:

Shouldn't this be the year you start making those gifts? Take our plans and couple them with your know how and we'll show you a few little tricks that will save you hours. Then Presto! the hard part begins - you have to wrap all those presents.
( Sorry can't help you with that one. ;-)

We both know you would much rather be out in your wood shop with the sound of a router bitting into a piece of stock than fighting your way through a crowd in the shopping mall shopping like a salmon swimming up stream.

They will love getting handmade gifts! And you will love making them! Hurry though, you need to give yourself some time.

Tiny Christmas tree

Not a woodworker? Our printed books make great gifts for the woodworkers in your life. Maybe they will use them to make something for you? ;-)

Also we have some simple interesting woodworking ideas for you on our: